In Vino Veritas


Baltimore, MD  |  12,000 sf

“Working with Present Company was an integral part of doing a project like The Wine Collective. The team at Present Co. quickly understood exactly what the project was about and was able to execute by delivering work of excellent quality within our tight time constraints. They had both the right esthetic sense and technical knowledge to connect the dots between a complex manufacturing facility and a beautiful tasting room. They brought it all together and were the best partners we could have asked for as we tackled the project of building a world class urban winery and bar in Baltimore.”

– Enrique Pallares, Co-Founder

“Winery” usually conjures images of gentle slopes with rows upon rows of manicured grape vines; a winding road leading to a distant cottage where guests share a cheese plate and sample the latest vintage. A warehouse suite in Baltimore’s Union Collective may seem like the opposite setting, but the founders of the Wine Collective had a vision. An urban winery focused on sharing knowledge with the community. A place where an award-winning vintner can process regional grapes and help young wineries launch their dreams. Their focus is on craft and collaboration, words synonymous with the Union Collective mission. For this winery, the repurposed warehouse location was perfect. 

As visitors enter the space, they pass through a zone of glass barrel cellars that immediately immerse them in the wine-making process.  A shimmering copper bar is the focal point inviting guests to a tasting. The large array of fermentation tanks forms a dramatic backdrop that immerses you in the process. On a slow day you might be offered a tour; on a working day you might get talked into sorting grapes! A rich palette plays off the raw finishes of the industrial shell, reflecting both the legacy of wine making and the relaxed informality of enjoying a bottle with friends. Lighting heightens the playful atmosphere, with string lights floating over seating areas and bulb pendants creating the impression of rising “bubbles” over the bar. 

What the Wine Collective is doing is very “Baltimore.”  As long-time residents of this city, we love the quintessential Baltimore experience of being blown away by the talent and quality tucked into low-key surroundings. That is what is feels like to visit the Wine Collective. The wine is excellent, the food is excellent, and the lack of pretension is refreshing.