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Baltimore, MD  |  Construction Administration and Interior Design

Professional Photography by Matt Ryb Pictures

Project Team: St Michaels Redevelopment Parners, Hooten Construction, & Quinn Evans Architect of Record

Historic preservation is not easy work; it requires research, extensive documentation, critical thinking, and review by government agencies. Yet we love it; restoring and using historic buildings protects the fabric of our city. The unique identity of a place is built by decades of different styles, materials and building types. As a firm we find the work we do in preservation to be very rewarding, each grand opening a celebration.  

For the Ministry Lofts at St. Michael’s, we provided construction administration services including tax credit administration and selection of fixtures and finishes. The four-building site included an old girls’ school, parish hall, rectory, and large stone church, surrounding a courtyard. The design converted the courtyard space into a two-level parking structure, the rectory, parish hall and girls’ school into 36 apartments, and the church tenant space became the Ministry of Brewing. 

To say that the unexpected is a given with buildings that are over 100 years old is an understatement. These buildings kept everyone on their toes! The dedicated development and construction team responded to every challenge and we were there to provide support and recommendations. While working closely with the Maryland Historical Trust to review all the project details, we selected finishes and fixtures to make the renovation shine.