A Home for the Whole Team


Baltimore, MD  |  2700 sf

Photography by Marilyn Gould

Present Company had the ability to understand our ultimate vision and work to achieve it, regardless of the constraints. They are able to create beautiful spaces on tight budgets and timelines. 

They have worked with us on a number of very diverse projects. Whether designing our corporate headquarters, or putting the final touches on rowhome renovations, their tremendous adaptability makes them a great partner for a wide range of project types, and they are fun to work with! 

– Jon Constable, Development Manager

In the beginning Seawall’s offices were here and there, with people working out of the buildings they were transforming. But as the development company’s Baltimore portfolio grew, so did their team and the need for a headquarters that would bring them all together. The perfect opportunity arose above the R House Food Hall, one of the company’s signature projects in the heart of Remington.  

The approach was to create less of a corporate office and more of a home. The large expansive windows aren’t dedicated to a private office but are divided between two modern conference rooms – one a lounge furnished with couches and chairs, another a large table that feels more like a family gathering space than a board room. The view is shared with the entire office through transparent walls and an interior garage door. A mix of open desks, soft seating and private offices are organized around a large communal table that acts as the office’s central nervous system. It provides a broad surface for reviewing drawings, sharing meals, hosting guests, or sitting down to an impromptu meeting. Often you might find a furry friend curled up underneath.  

With the use of salvaged lumber, bright accents and a mix of lighting levels, the cold concrete structure was transformed into an inviting hub for development and innovation, a place to throw another log on the fire and talk shop about Baltimore and its future.