Next Level

M Deck

Baltimore, MD  |  approx. 300 sf

Professional Photography by Lawrence Hunter

When graphic designer M approached Present Company to help design a new rear deck for their Wyman Park home, the vision was clear – modern floating planes creating a cascading effect. As a fellow design professional she had even build a model! But the significant grade change was giving her trouble, and the basement access stairs were limiting the available width for a deck. Present Company worked with M to come up with a design that would provide a comfortably-sized deck at the 1st floor, then transition down to broad cascading planes via a short run of stairs that hug a large metal planter. The planter created a focal point that made the grade changes seamless, as the remaining steps create bench seating and a perfect spot for a dog to catch some sun.  A new fence doubles as a guard rail along the deck, dropping low at the yard to let in as much light as possible. The mix of materials creates a warm, inviting space that reads as modern but complements its surroundings.